Active Projects

HKW: the Whenua, Historical Trauma and Health Outcome project

Whenua1 DRJ2012 - 2016  |  He Kokonga Whare: Māori Intergenerational Trauma and Healing Programme

This project is led by Dr John Reid who is based at Te Rūnanga o Ngāi Tahu. The purpose of this project is to conceptualise and measure historical trauma by examining land alienation among eight whānau from different hapū within Ngāi Tahu. A survey of 100 participants from Ngāi Tahu will measure the impact of historical trauma using a questionnaire that has been adapted from one used in projects by Professor Karina Walters in her work on historical trauma.


Publications list

Understanding Māori 'lived' culture to determine cultural connectedness and wellbeing by John Reid, Golda Varona, Martin Fisher, Cherryl Smith. 

Towards a social-structural model for understanding current disparities in Māori health and well-being by John Reid, Karyn Taylor-Moore and Golda Varona.