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Completed Projects

A Māori Organic Standard for Food Production

maori organics1

2010 - 2011

This project focussed on the importance of growing good kai for whānau, hapū and iwi. The project had undergone some changes in 2011, with our withdrawal from a collaboration with Te Waka Kai Ora. The project has changed shape as a result and we worked with iwi to develop a useful organic certification process for them. The kaupapa of growing good kai for all whānau, hapū and iwi remained central to the aim of this project.

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He Mokopuna He Tupuna: Health and Wellbeing of Grandparents Raising Mokopuna 

Mokopuna DRJ

2008 -2010  |  Erihapeti Murchie PostDoctoral Fellowship

This research project was a study of the health and wellbeing of grandparents raising mokopuna. Within Māori society there is a longstanding tradition of children being raised by grandparents for knowledge, whakapapa and mana whenua reasons. Māori grandparents commonly raise mokopuna and when parenting breaks down, it is predominantly grandparents who take over care of the children. For Māori the numbers of grandparents raising mokopuna is rising significantly due largely to parenting breakdown.

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Health, Cultural and Social Experiences of Māori affected by Chemical Related Illness


2006 - 2008  |  Health Research Council of New Zealand

The research project described the views of Māori toward involuntary, chronic chemical exposures (as workers, whānau, and community), and their views of appropriate healing that needs to take place . The three specific exposure groups selected for analysis in this report were: interviewees living along the Whanganui Awa, sawmill workers, Vietnam veterans, and whānau. This project also outlined a framework/model of Māori Health for Chemical Related Illness and Disease.

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Tō Tātou Hokakatanga: Action and intervention in Sexual and Reproductive Health


2006 - 2007 | Health Research Council of New Zealand

The project was the first official research project conducted by Te Atawhai o Te Ao. This project was carried out for Te Puawai Tapu: Kaupapa Māori Sexuality Services and funded by the Health Research Council of New Zealand. 

This project consisted of two parts including:

  • A comprehensive report outlining issues pertaining to this kaupapa; and
  • Rangatahi focused educational resources.

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