Completed Projects

A Māori Organic Standard for Food Production

maori organics1

2010 - 2011

This project focussed on the importance of growing good kai for whānau, hapū and iwi. The project had undergone some changes in 2011, with our withdrawal from a collaboration with Te Waka Kai Ora. The project has changed shape as a result and we worked with iwi to develop a useful organic certification process for them. The kaupapa of growing good kai for all whānau, hapū and iwi remained central to the aim of this project.

What we achieved by the time we finished this project in September 2011 was an iwi certification process and the development of a Māori Organic Land Use Kit, which provides a set of resources and information that will be useful for Māori organic growers, from commercial Māori organic growers to anyone wanting to grow kai organically. A number of hui had been held with Māori organic growers around the country who were keenly interested in this project.

Researchers: Lisa Talbot, Dr Cherryl Smith and Dr Paul Reynolds.

Publications List

Traditional Māori growing practises: a literature review by Dr Takirirangi Smith for Te Atawhai o Te Ao.

Grow your own kai by Lisa Talbot and Te Atawhai o Te Ao; illustrated and designed by Cecelia Kumeroa.