This project investigated the health and well-being of grandparents raising mokopuna. Within Māori society, there is a longstanding tradition of children being raised by grandparents for varied reasons, including whānau mātauranga, whakapapa, and mana whenua. Māori grandparents commonly raise mokopuna and when parenting breaks down and the number of grandparents raising mokopuna is rising significantly.

Māori grandparents and their mokopuna are groups that are likely to be experiencing health problems and we already know that many grandparents will tend to put the needs of their mokopuna, children and parents before their own health needs. In this study Māori grandparents, parents and mokopuna are being interviewed alongside health professionals, to examine the health and well-being of the grandparents. This project was completed in 2010.


Research outputs:

Tūpuna – Ngā Kaitiaki Mokopuna: A resource for Māori grandparents

Dr Cherryl Smith

The findings of Dr Cherryl Smith’s qualitative research are found in this report. This report is a resource, compiled by the Families Commission, to support Māori grandparents.

View it here


Grandparents Raising Mokopuna

Nathanael Scurr, Dr Cherryl Smith

A short film produced by Nathanael Scurr & directed by Dr Cherryl Smith for the Grandparents raising Mokopuna project.