This project began with discussions with whānau which highlighted a lack of shared information, tikanga Māori, and mātauranga Māori in regards to fertility, reproduction, and Assisted Reproductive Technologies. This project investigated the many ways Māori have engaged with Assisted Reproductive Technologies and the relevant issues.

The outcomes of this project included:

  • Traditional expressions of Māori reproduction;
  • Literature and baseline data related to Māori and fertility; and
  • Thematic analysis of narrative interviews – Pūrākau.

Other areas for improved health outcomes included:

  • Building Māori research capacity;
  • Provide an overview of Māori and fertility;
  • Raise awareness and an understanding of the access, utilisation and outcomes of fertility treatments;
  • Gathering a database of narratives about Māori and fertility; and
  • Build inter sectoral discussion about Māori fertility.


Research outputs:

The Gift of Children: Māori and Infertility

Dr Paul Reynolds, Dr Cherryl Smith

This book explores infertility from Māori perspectives and provides insights into Māori concepts, views and practices in relation to fertility and infertility. Exploring a variety of fertility and infertility issues, the chapters include traditional stories of fertility, Māori fertility statistics, legal issues impacting on cultural values, traditional adoption, experiences of fertility clinics, and fertility and Māori men.

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