The research identified key issues and developed rangatahi-focused educational resources for Te Puawai Tapu: Kaupapa Māori Sexuality Services. The educational resources that were created from the findings are:

  • Whitiāhua (film): Te Ira Tangata
  • Mahi Toi (artwork): Te Timatanga
  • Waiata (song/music): Deciphering Symbols


Research outputs:

Ki te Matau: Tō Tātou Hokakatanga: Action and Intervention in Sexual Reproduction Health Report

Dr Cherryl Smith, Dr Paul Reynolds

This report provides a Kaupapa Māori analysis of the area of sexual and reproductive health. It provides a critical focus on understanding disparities and informing the development of interventions appropriate to meeting the sexual and reproductive health needs of Māori.

View it here


Te Ira Tangata

Justin Gush

Kaa Williams graced us with her beautiful whakaaro with regards to this kaupapa. Robyn Kahukiwa also gave permission to utilise her wonderful artwork from her book ‘Oriori’ a Māori child is born.


Te Timatanga

Cheyden Waitai

This painting originated through an interview with Tāmati Kruger and his whakaaro. This painting was utilised as a visual for the film and cover for CD.


Deciphering Symbols

Maaka Pohatu, William Cassidy

A composition based on the kōrero of Tāmati Kruger.